What Can You Do?

1. Do your own Work

We cannot help others until we look in the mirror and do our own work. Identify the problem and deal with it honestly, seek treatment.

2. Teach children to honor their own boundaries

If there are children in your life, teach them to honor their own boundaries. When someone wants to pick up, or hug, a child, that child has a right to say no for ANY reason. 

3. Be an opportunity Blocker

An offender needs 3 things to offend:

1. The inclination to abuse

2. A vulnerable child

3. The opportunity to abuse. 

We can all interrupt the process and block opportunities.

4. Trust your gut

The odds are if your gut tells you something is off, you're right. Call your local DHHS. You can do so anonymously.

5. report and spread the word

Polaris is a resource you can use to report trafficking if you suspect it.

CALL: 1-888-373-7888

TEXT: "Help" or "Info" to 233733 

Polaris also spends $0 on marketing- we can all help get the word out. Make bumper stickers with the toll free number and hand them out to everyone you know!

6. Distribute materials from local advocacy groups

Advocacy groups against sex trafficking and child sexual abuse can't give you enough materials. Set a reminder in your calendar to pick up 50+ flyers, stickers, business cards a month and put them in bathrooms, backs of toilets, everywhere.

7. Step out of your comfort zone

Know someone whose child is going to summer camp? Ask if they've had a conversation with their child about boundaries and inappropriate touching. Have those difficult conversations until they are less uncomfortable. 

8. Hear something inappropriate? Say something.

When you're around other adults and someone says something inappropriate, say something. Rape jokes are not funny, sexualizing young kids is wrong on any level, buying sex is not cool, body shaming and bullying should be interrupted, violence should not be normalized.

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Source: Terry Real, Relational Life Institute